Apple, Cork - Prime Grade Canadian Maple FSC SMARTSTEP system.


Installed January 2009 – prime grade Canadian Maple FSC SMARTSTEP system.

Europe’s first FSC solid wood sports flooring system approved by FIBA and certified to EN and DIN standards.

ANCHORED for maximum stability and guaranteed not to develop ‘dead spots’. No other wood sports floor offers this level of performance and reliability.

QUANITY: 510m2

Tembec removed a press-dried beech battened sports floor system which had developed dead spots in 50+ locations rendering the floor virtually unplayable after several years. The anchored system overcomes this problem entirely and is now growing in popularity in mainland Europe, particularly for basketball use. In November 2008 Bayer Leverkusen removed a Haro floating wood sports floor and replaced it with this system. The floor layer for both removed systems is being re-used as flooring in residential and commercal applications.

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